Airport records


Airport records

Do you need to keep a good track of where and what problem there is at the airport, to quickly find a contract information or technical data related to the object, to find out the location of networks or to print the airport map blueprint?

Then we might have something for you..


This secured map web application for airport administrations is focused on record keeping of runways (RWY, TWY, APN etc.), buildings, underground utilities and technical elements (WDI, PAPI, FUEL, Lapoly etc.)

The map app can be described in the Safety manual and thus system limits (safety indicators) can be set, or it can be used as a safety surveillance system in the AD area.

The map app allows you to keep a complete track of the airport premises and actual and corrected defects. We put emphasis on a simple and intuitive control that does not require taking any extra steps. Everything is online, no installation needed! In addition, the general public can be provided with open information on the airport’s website.

The app can be greatly used for administration of any premises!


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • Leaflet
  • MySQL
  • QGIS