Sport Calendar is the most comprehensive sports calendar on the Czech internet.

Sport Calendar

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Sport Calendar

No idea where to go out tonight? How about you support your local sport club?

V Look up the sporting events in your neighborhood at and go out to cheer on!


The black swan among white swans, that’s how this unique project might be called!  There is no other more comprehensive database of sports matches and sporting events on the Czech Internet!

The initial idea was to create a site on the World Wide Web where individual sport associations would interconnect their own events and so provide the relevant sports information to the public. became that site.

The entire app is built over a map which allows users to search for the sporting events according to their location input. The search according to the date or to the sport club is a matter of course. The icing on the cake we throw in then is a complete administration of the project and its interconnection with social networks.

Thumbs up and fingers crossed for the app!


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • QGIS