Load Maps

A map application that has no competition in the world.

Project name

Load Maps

The Geo Zone Tool offers the online calculation of snow load, wind load and areas of seismic zones.


For a Dlubal Software company, an engineering software developer for structural analysis and design, we process GIS data that are used for calculations of climate load indexes.

Exceeding of ultimate limit state results in ruptures in constructions and it leads to the necessary damage repairs or the construction removal. Hence it is imperative, besides other things, to count with the climate load indexes during the structural analysis. The given indexes no longer need to be looked up in regulations and standards of individual countries. Now it is possible to gain the indexes for snow load, wind load and seismic zone areas assessment online via the interactive map app by means of the Geo-Zone Tool by Dlubal Software, namely for all countries.


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • Leaflet
  • MySQL
  • QGIS